Haley Olivia Lauw

  1. Scraps.
  2. There's Gotta be a Song Left to Sing, Because Every Time I Listen to This I Get That Old Feeling
  3. The Sort of Behavior that Intimidated my Exes
  4. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
  5. Contemporary Courtship
  6. Broken Record Blues
  7. First Connections
  8. Bricks for When Things Start to Feel a Little Too Heavy
  9. Empathy Lessons
  10. At Least They Were in It Together
  11. For a Good Date
  12. An Overdue Dance
  13. First Kiss Concert Ticket

  14. Heart; felt.
  15. I Might Have Known it Would be Red
    (I didn't dance much, either.)
  16. I'll Keep My Dancin' Shoes On Long After You're Gone
  17. Heartstring Diagram
  18. Please Don't Ever Leave Me
  19. Messy, isn't It?
  20. Twenty-Two
  21. Heartbeat at Unrest
  22. A Set of Rose-Tinted Glasses
  23. Contemporary Courtship
  24. I Fear That I Am Too Transparent
  25. A Light-Hearted, Heavy Heart
  26. A Red Room

  27. Trying not to forget.
  28. Chin Up, Buttercup.
  29. I am Here and You are Distant
  30. Sometimes, I Worry that I Can Fit in Her Shoes
  31. Holding On To the Weight of Things
  32. My Mother's Handwriting,
    Copied By Hand
  33. Santa isn't Real
  34. Gold Star
  35. The Saddest Sails Have Set
  36. My Expectations Were Unrealistic

  37. Haley + Elise
  38. Sweet Dreams are Made of These (Things)
  39. Party Painting (Leftover Confetti)
  40. Party Painting (Stars and Remnants)
  41. Presence (And That Empty Feeling)

I am Here and You are Distant

lumber, mdf siding, hardware, one hundred screen printed shingles, silver mylar, tinsel, assorted gift wrap, vintage rotating flood lamp, blue christmas lights, vintage luggage, crates, cardboard boxes, vintage plastic deer, shattered shatterproof ornaments, assorted trinkets, motion-activated 1973 Lionel Cannonball train set, my mother's collection of twenty heirloom music boxes, audio (made in collaboration with Jordan Smith) composed of music box recordings, electric guitar, and various field recordings, vintage electric fireplace, two hundred screen printed bricks, foam core, 1958 Philco Golden Television, 1991 Television, electronics, vase of white lilies created from screen printed duplicates of my mother's death certificate, lamp

Video Clips